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Lewis Grizzard ls Dead
and I Don't Feel So Good Myself!
by James T. Curtis

What happens when a southern, conservative developer is convicted of white-collar crime and forced to work with liberal, charitable volunteers building houses for the under-privileged? James T. Curtis answers this question in Lewis Grizzard Is Dead and I Don't Feel So Good Myself!, a candid blend of memoir and political treatise that describes what happens when right-wing and left-wing ideologies collide amidst lumber, hammers and nails.

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In the re-telling of the events that occurred following his conviction in the late 1980s, Curtis offers a daily log of the individuals he met and the incidents he experienced while performing the community service hours which he was assigned. However, his account is more than a simple glimpse into the operations of a charitable organization, for as Curtis becomes introduced to the liberal perceptions of many of the volunteers, his own philosophies surface.

Immersed within the details of his weekend labor, Curtis offers commentary on many of the controversial issues of today's society: religion, equal rights, education, gun control, and the media to name a few. The result is a bold exhibition of political thought, and a longing for a return to the way the South was before liberal views frightened gentlemen from acting like gentlemen, and replaced the sugar in old-fashioned iced tea with artificial sweeteners.

Curtis's ability to entwine brazen conviction and tongue-in-cheek humor around a colorfully related chronicle of events makes for an account that liberals and conservatives alike are sure to remember.

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